Surrey Lofts Blog

15th April 2024

It’s amazing how quickly news can spread! Whenever we start a new project in a certain area, nearby properties tend to take notice and become interested in transforming their own spaces. This is a testament to the high quality of work we consistently deliver. As a result, we find ourselves undertaking more and more projects…

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21st February 2024

Welcome to a new year. Our first Blog talked about what was happening at the new Surrey Lofts. I’m pleased to report that business remains strong, and demand for new work reached record levels in December. Turning to the next twelve months, I’m sure many of us have projects under consideration. If loft conversion for…

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15th November 2023

Top floor of Coppa with great views over the High Street. An old building with a new sparkling, stylish interior. A coffee bar, a restaurant and a meeting area. Very attentive staff. Shiny West – End chic has arrived in Guildford. Exactly the right atmosphere for celebrating the first anniversary of new Surrey Lofts. It’s…

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